With decades of ad tech innovation and monetization expertise, you focus on the content, we’ll do the rest.

Let's get to work
Publishers are under more pressure than ever. They’re being forced to step away from content in order to become experts in ad tech. To be successful, it’s important to be able to trust in your technology, resources, and experience. Intermarkets is privately-funded which means our publishers are our main interest—not VCs or shareholders. Our solution focuses on a balanced mix of humans and technology, helping publishers get back to their content to be successful.  

Our Unique Approach

Intermarkets’ fully-managed solution for publishers combines an advanced ad tech stack with experienced humans to oversee operations. We quickly integrate with publishers’ existing resources to provide support they need and can trust.
“We give publishers peace of mind and the support their business needs to be able to grow and succeed. Our customized solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and provide balanced revenue streams to set publishers up for long-term success.”
Michael Snow Chief Business Development Officer, Intermarkets Inc.

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