Since the IAB released definitive standards on viewability in 2015, buyers are keen to looking closely at sites’ scores before considering their inventory. Publishers that were once used to healthy revenues from long pages dripping in banner ads began to see CPMs drop.

When the page loads and ads are called, anything below the fold line was being counted, even though human eyeballs never saw them. The advertisers paying for those phantom impressions grew frustrated, and eventually tools were deployed to measure viewability on websites. Those scores could be integrated into the buying process and impact the value of publishers’ inventory.

Intermarkets’ portfolio publishers were no different and have adjusted course to maintain user experience, while still providing quality access to their premium audiences. We worked with our political opinion and commentary site,, to enhance their ad experience. We determined that reducing the number of units from 7 to 5 and deploying in-content native ads would increase revenues. The publisher saw a 70% lift in viewability, resulting in a 50% increase in desktop RPMs and 100% increase on mobile platforms.


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