In the current state of digital media, service providers and content channels are vigilant, strictly policing the movement of news and content. Publishers are getting caught in filters that flag their content, and they end up losing out on traffic because search or social media providers determine something on their page is out of bounds.

The rise in clickbait seemed to be an easy cash flow for some publishers, until the providers (quickly) caught on and created systems to stop them in their tracks. Algorithms and filters checked everything, sometimes punishing sites that weren’t necessarily doing anything wrong, but the content was taken out of context and landed them on the naughty list.

One publisher in The Intermarkets Portfolio lost more than 60% of its social traffic in a month due to one poorly sourced article. The recovery of this traffic has been a slow process. From experience, we know the best way out of this hole is not to fall in it, and we can help avoid it.

Intermarkets works closely with all of our exclusive portfolio publishers to educate them on changing industry standards around the use of content. When consulting with publishers we emphasize strategies that incorporate multiple traffic sources — social promotion, content recommendation and search optimization/organic — as well as making sure the quality of their content is strong and consistent.


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