Out-of-context filter flags can cause highly reputable and innocent publishers to end up blacklisted by advertising partners such as ad exchanges and demand-side platforms (DSPs). If a publisher is blacklisted by an ad partner, revenue is lost not just from one advertiser, but from the vast number of marketers and agencies who work with those partners on programmatic media buys.

Many publishers do not even know when they have ended up on an ad partner’s blacklist. Knowing what to do to solve the issue once discovered is even more of a challenge.

Intermarkets prides ourselves on our integrations and long-standing partnerships with the best-in-class advertising technology companies like OpenX, The Trade Desk, AppNexus and many more.

Intermarkets’ Ad Ops team monitors partner performance on a placement basis to detect any day-to-day variances. When the team noticed a partner disappear from our reporting on DrudgeReport.com, we quickly connected with our partner to understand what caused the website to mistakenly be blacklisted and resolve the issue. Our high-touch service and strong relationships ensure our publishers are able to consistently connect with high-quality advertisers who use our programmatic partners’ tools.


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