Across the Intermarkets Portfolio we’ve seen a plateau in ad block page views over the last two years. Although adoption of blocking ads has leveled off, our publishers are still looking for ways to recover the revenue lost in the ad block boom. While we’ve deployed a number of different solutions across various sites to drive additional revenue streams, a long-term solution is much more complicated than simply putting new code on the page.

Attacking the ad blockers is a true arms race. As soon as one workaround is deployed, a new blocking method is released, and the cycle continues.

For this reason, we suggest a more comprehensive solution — addressing the problem, fixing poor user experience, educating users on the problems ad blocking creates and attempting to recover lost impressions.

In one instance, after collaborating on with our Strategic Media and Ad Ops specialists, one of the Intermarkets’ portfolio publishers saw a noticeable decrease in ad block usage after running an internal campaign targeting the ad blockers and asking them to support the site by removing the software.

Many well-intentioned visitors are not aware of the necessary role ad revenue plays in providing the content they love. Users activate ad blocking software to eliminate invasive, annoying ads on a handful of sites, without realizing that the software hurts the websites they support.


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