The 5 Most Tweetable Moments from CampaignTech East (#CTEast)

Last week, Team Intermarkets had the pleasure of attending CampaignTech East, an event thrown by Campaigns & Elections Magazine for political consultants, grassroots organizers, and digital marketers to share the newest and best digital tips and tricks. While we’re sure the experience differed based on your session schedule, this was our team’s cumulative takeaway—we’d love to hear yours in the comments section!

There are no shortcuts to success.

“Think of something really awesome. Test it in a small market. And then roll it out. And if you don’t want to do step one and two … find something else to do with your day.”
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Bret Jacobsen said this in a panel called “Mobile Apps as Game Changers,” but the principle is universally true. The first step to something great is actually thinking of something great. Don’t just send out an email because an email needs to go out this week—take the time to sit down, think it through, and come up with something that your target audience actually wants to read. Next, TEST IT! Our marketing department really can’t say enough about the value of testing everything. There are some great articles out there about best practices for any marketing or advertising strategy you can think of—but truthfully, nothing beats your own data on your own audience. Test, test, test!

Great customer service never goes out of style.

“What do my clients value? Response time. Availability. Honesty. And loyalty.”
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The general session, “The Digital Consultant as Entrepreneur,” was hosted by DCI Group’s Julie Germanny, who interviewed experts in the field (over mimosas, we might add). This fun group dropped plenty of insights, but we think the focus on customer service was the thread that tied it all back together. Yes, you need to be the best at what you do. Yes, you need to be able to provide all the technological bells and whistles. But, at the end of the day, what your client needs most from you is for you to be reliable. Be their go-to person! Value quick response times and open availability. Be honest and loyal with everyone you meet along the way. At Intermarkets, we have a cultural “code” called POETIC that stands for Positive, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Tenacious, Innovative, and Committed. Our team is great at what they do, but we believe that it’s the way we conduct business that really sets us apart.

The data doesn’t lie.

“Do audience targeting—not content judging!”
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What a great point! This nugget came from INC’s CEO Carol Davidsen in the session “What Your Smart TV Knows About You.” She pointed out that, often, campaigns are surprised by what TV shows are pulling their target audience. For instance, she pointed out, most campaigns aren’t going to come to a TV executive and ask to advertise during Honey Boo Boo. But the data doesn’t lie. If that’s where your swing voter is—and especially if that’s where your opponents aren’t—then that’s where you should be. Psst, by the way…the same goes for online advertising!

Target your audience AND your message.

“You can have the best targeting in the world but get minimal results if your message doesn’t resonate.”
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Good news out of this panel—”Social media targeting has come of age!” Facebook’s own Joel Cohen was joined by other digital campaign strategists, including Jenna Golden from Twitter, to talk trends in tailored audiences on social media. On Twitter, for instance, you can now bid on opponents’ keywords, target audiences (although the match rate is still low), and pin your best tweets to the top of your feed for better branding. The strategists also dropped some pointers on making the most of 140 characters (“Be specific” and “Keep it simple”). But perhaps the best creative advice came out of Joel Cohen, who pointed out that, without a sticky, targeted message, all that great targeting technology might just be for naught. Don’t forget to optimize your message!

Digital tools are just that—tools.

“Don’t put a partisan lens on it. If we’re all using digital, then we all win!”
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Indigo Strategies’ Beth Becker really brought the spirit of the conference home with this one. With campaign strategists and digital consultants from both sides of the aisle, CampaignTech East proved to be an invaluable opportunity to swap stories, learn about trending technologies, and remember that in the end, everyone’s goal is the same—a better and more connected America. The truth is, digital campaigning tools are just that—tools—and the magic is really in how you use them to take your cause to victory.


So tell us, fellow CampaignTechers…what was YOUR most “tweetable” moment?