Today’s post marks the kickoff of our new blog series, “The (R)Evolution of the Modern Political Campaign.” As this year’s campaign season revs up, 2014 is set up to be a record-breaking year for political spending and innovation, and you need to know what to expect!

Digital Is the New Black

In a recent Media Post articleConsumers in Motion Managing Director Dan Hodges claims, “A new standard has been set for political advertising.” We couldn’t agree more! If nothing else, the 2012 elections taught us that digital is indispensable to the campaign process. In another article on, Versa CEO and founder Keya Dannenbaum summarized how crucial the use of online data was to President Obama’s 2012 win:

“Campaigns had an unprecedented ability to know everything about voters—from social data to commercial data to public data to their own internal records from past campaigns, especially in Obama’s case—and the ones who used this data to build prediction models were the most successful in fundraising, voter persuasion, and turnout, which are the three essentially elements of any campaign.”

Where Are Your Dollars Going?

This year, billions of campaign dollars will be funneled into securing the 435 House seats, 35 Senate seats, and 34 governorships up for grabs this year—the question is, how to make them go the furthest.

What to Expect in 2014

  • Incorporation of best “big brand” practices into political campaigns
  • Heavier use of data to micro-target voters
  • More robust analytics to measure true ROI and better allocate precious funds
  • Reaching voters in their own space through social media and social advertising
  • Using online video to match the scale of TV with the added bonus of advanced metrics
  • Reaching voters on every screen to fit their mobile, cross-channel lifestyles

In this series, we’ll be diving into everything from basic best practices to the ABCs of DMPs to how to make social and video advertising work for you. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, subscribe via email in the sidebar or follow us on Twitter (#FTW2014) or Facebook.

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