Cell phone

Programmatic spending is expected to double through next year, with the majority of growth from mobile technology. Studies suggest that there are more cell phones on earth than people. With these statistics, advertisers are exploring the best possible solutions to provide quality video content to premium audiences. According to Emarketer, an estimate of 63.5% of the U.S. population will watch digital video content regularly this year and there will be approximately 20 million new digital video viewers between 2015 and 2019.1

To that end, Intermarkets teamed up with Virool and Rubicon Project, to adopt their new Inline video advertising format for mobile web and desktop. According to a press release published by Rubicon Project they state; “The Inline video solves the riddle of monetizing mobile inventory by dynamically embedding viewable and user activated video advertising…” That means custom content with increased viewability.

Inline Video has harmonized well for Intermarkets clients who want quality video ads for their premium audiences;

“The vast majority of publishers are nowhere near capable of providing advertisers with the volume of high-quality, pre-roll video inventory they seek. That’s why so many sellers find themselves literally turning away buyers. What’s worse, they are missing out on the most engaging, in-demand and profitable advertising format of all” says Erik Requidan, VP Sales and Programmatic Strategy.




1 eMarketer’s US Digital Users, Q1, 2015 Complete Forecast, February, 2015