Digiday Publishing Summit - 5 Take AwaysDigiday Publishing Summit

Intermarkets attended this year’s Digiday Publishing Summit which was held in Miami, Florida, with other premier worldwide publishers. For years, Intermarkets has had a strong presence at these conferences.

Discussions began surrounding the platform era and provided insight on how some publishers are fearful of which platforms to distribute their advertising content on.

Ad blocking frustration is growing with many paid apps that have ad blocking capabilities. Solutions may exist with how quality, branded, advertising content, can potentially close future ad blocking capabilities.

Monetizing mobile is also another challenge for publishers because the rates are very different from desktop. As in desktop, viewability is a concern on mobile and advertisers want to ensure quality environments.

Pre-roll video ads pose another headache for publishers and viewers. Ads are sometimes longer than the content the viewer is trying to access. The first few seconds of a video advertisement will determine if the user will watch or move on, otherwise the viewer is lost.

With programmatic advertising firmly established, “Mo programmatic Mo Problems” rings true. With so many intermediaries buying and selling into programmatic, understanding is difficult. While this advertising is efficient, it makes viewability standards difficult, which could also impact the user’s experience.