7 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on the Drudge Report

You know the Drudge Report—the deceptively simple website that has been breaking stories like the Monica Lewinsky scandal since its 1997 rise to fame. Boasting 21 million uniques* each month, the Drudge Report is the primary online source of breaking news and information for savvy readers, the media, political insiders, and influential opinion leaders.

Read on for seven reasons that the Drudge Report is a uniquely effective place to make an impact and drive ROI:

1. The Drudge Report drives more news traffic than Twitter or Facebook.

The Drudge Report may present like a news website, but it drives traffic like a web portal. A study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that the Drudge Report drove more links than Facebook or Twitter on all the sites to which it drove traffic. The site’s influence “cuts across both traditional organizations such as ABC News to more tabloid-style outlets such as the New York Post.”

Why This Matters: By advertising on the Drudge Report, you can reach a more robust audience before they disperse and follow links elsewhere.

2. 90% of the Drudge Report’s traffic is direct.

While most websites receive the majority of their traffic via referrals (a.k.a. links from other websites), the Drudge Report draws visitors on its own accord. The industry average for direct traffic hovers around 37%, but a full 90% of Drudge Report readers count the site as an important enough part of their daily routine that they seek it out, bookmark it, and save it as a favorite.**

Why This Matters: Reach readers where they go first and often—become a part of their daily routine!

3. Readers spend an average 25 minutes or more on the site.

Speaking of daily routines, Drudge Report readers spend more time perusing the site than most of us do reading our morning papers. In fact, the Drudge Report’s average time on site is a full 20 more minutes than the industry average time on site of 4:50.**

Why This Matters: 25+ minutes is a lot more time for your ads to make an impact!

4. The Drudge Report is the #1 referral source for top news sites across the web.

This list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • FoxNews.com
  • WashingtonPost.com
  • CNN.com
  • Politico.com
  • NYTimes.com
  • WSJ.com
  • ABCNews.go
  • Ap.org
  • WashingtonTimes.com**

Why This Matters: When you compare the costs of advertising on these and other sites to the Drudge Report, where much of the traffic originates, you’ll see a clear difference in value. Drudge Report advertising reaches high-demand audiences at a fraction of the cost, decreasing your bottom line while increasing your ROI.

5. The Drudge Report is politically balanced.

According to comScore data, the majority of Drudge Report readers are actually Independents, followed by Republicans and Democrats.

Why This Matters: For brand advertisers and agencies, this means you’re able to reach the audience without worrying about political affiliation. For political campaigns, the Drudge Report is a great place to reach the swing voters who can make or break a campaign.

6. In fact, the Drudge Report is the most neutral of all news outlets.

In UCLA Policial Science Professor Tim Groseclose’s groundbreaking book, Left Turn, he ranked popular news media outlets on a scale of Very Liberal (0) to Very Conservative (100). His conclusion? “According to my analysis, the Drudge Report is approximately the most fair, balanced, and centrist news outlet in the United States.

Why This Matters: The Drudge Report’s neutrality has inspired millions of loyal readers to see it as a trusted news source—advertising on the site associates your message with that same level of respectability.

7. The Drudge Report is considered by journalists to be a crucial source for breaking news.

David Chalian of ABC News says, “Because of the sheer number of people who look at it and because of the attention it gets from the media, what appears on Drudge can, for a few minutes or an entire day, drive what appears elsewhere, making it, a force in the political news cycle for both the press and the campaigns.”

Why This Matters: The Drudge Report is the perfect place to get your message into the hands of the people who control the story.

Ready to get started?

Founded by Matt Drudge in the early days of the web, the Drudge Report continues to deliver lively and  provocative content to millions of people every day. Visit our site here to see how advertising on the Drudge Report can benefit your company!


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